Enhancing the lives of seniors by improving
access to appropriate housing

The current supply of Seniors Housing does not adequately meet the changing needs of Canada’s diverse aging population. Seniors DevCo believes better seniors housing options can and should be available.

Our company’s mission is to enhance the lives of older adults. We are best positioned to do so by providing real estate development management services to the seniors housing industry. Our passion is to enhance seniors housing options for Canadians.

We are built on a foundation of integrity and accountability to our stakeholders. Seniors DevCo appreciates opportunities to collaborate with progressive organizations who share our passion to enhance the quality of seniors housing options for Canadians.

Seniors (those 65 years of age and over) are the fastest growing age group in Canada. In 2016, there were 5.9 million seniors, who represented 16.9% of the total population. According to StatsCan, by 2036, the number of seniors is projected to vary between 9.9 and 10.9 million persons, representing 24% of the total population.

Housing is critical
to the quality of
life for all people.

“In order to maintain the current level of seniors housing inventory per capita, we will need to add an additional 131,000 spaces for Canadian seniors by 2026, growing to an additional 240,000 spaces by 2046. Demand is growing faster than supply.” "We're so far behind": Canada unprepared for housing needs of rising senior population CBC News · May 04, 2017.

People are living longer, but not necessarily living well. We are here to contribute to older people enjoying a better quality of life by creating better housing options for seniors.

We recognize the unique needs of each customer and each project. Seniors DevCo is highly adaptable.
Our attention to detail, respect for budgets and timelines will maximize the success of your project.


Identify markets which align with investment objectives, target and secure appropriate sites, and navigate the land purchase process.



Manage the municipal approval processes (official plan amendment, rezoning, building permit) and the Ministry of Long Term Care and/or the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority.



A successful Seniors Housing project demands a vigorous financial modelling process as its launching point. Seniors DevCo has deep experience developing Project Investment Hypotheses including full budgeting and return analytics. We vigorously test pro-forma sensitivities with a view to confidently underwriting the investment memorandum. We also assist in the process of securing capital.



The design of every project is underpinned by a clear project manifesto. Seniors DevCo works with stakeholders to identify their objectives. Designs integrate anticipated resident future needs & wants, technologies, infection control practices and sustainability as appropriate. Seniors DevCo has the experience and relationships to lead consultant teams to interpret designs into the necessary documents required for the procurement of municipal entitlements through to building permit drawings. No two projects are exactly the same. That’s why every project demands an eye for detail and careful scrutiny from onset through to completion.



The construction process by its very nature has many moving parts. Seniors DevCo’s systems and experience support an orderly construction process, providing controls and predictability. The triad of budget discipline, schedule duration and quality assurance underpin all Seniors DevCo activities.



A building is an assembly of bricks and sticks. A residence is a home to our seniors. Seniors DevCo has the experience to assist our clients in the process of transforming a building from a construction site to a fully operational Seniors Residence. Residents and staff will be proud to call your project HOME.

Enhancing the lives of seniors

Seniors DevCo is always seeking out energetic individuals who share our commitment to quality seniors housing options.
Should you be interested in joining the Seniors DevCo team, please send a resume along with a cover letter describing how you
can contribute to our mission of enhancing quality seniors housing options to careers@seniorsdevco.com
Call or email, let's discuss how Seniors DevCo can help maximize the success of your project.
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